Sunday, October 28, 2007

Temptation Everywhere!

I just barely escaped...from my parents house. I have told them a thousand times: "I do not want to eat cooked food, and definitely no meat!" So, of course, I come over for a short Sunday visit and the first thing my mom says is: "Want some pizza, I've saved some pizza for you?"

"No mom, I don't want any pizza."

Then my dad: "How about a taco?" They've got Taco Bell bags on the counter.

"No dad, I don't want a taco. How about that game last night?"

It has not been a good week. It had been two weeks since my last burger and fries and it was Friday night with nothing to do except go out and eat half a pound of ground up cow. I hated myself the next morning. On top of that I've been slowly eating some of the Halloween candy I bought for next week. I knew I should have left it over at my mom's house.

So here is the story. I really, really, want to eat a raw food diet. I know that my health depends on it. I have been motivating myself by reading all the books and joining a yahoo group on raw foods. I am immersed in it. But I am really struggling. (Am I sounding like an addict?) What else can I do? Maybe I'm being to easy on myself. I cut myself too much slack. It is so easy to go backwards.

When you cut out animal foods, cooked foods, sweets, ice cream, geeze...that doesn't leave you with much except fruit and salads...and nuts. The only hope, as I see it from this hole that I've dug for myself, is to dive into the recipe books and start making some tasty foods. The only problem with that is...I've never been much of a cook. Popcorn and cooking on the grill was about the extent of my chef skills. Anyhow, I don't have a choice, I can't go back to eating meat and rewarding myself with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I'm gonna have to find my way around the kitchen.

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