Monday, October 15, 2007

Raw Spirit Festival - Sedona, Az. (Part One)


Within ten minutes of reaching Sedona, for the Raw Food Festival, I was at the McDonald's drive-through ordering a Big McTasty and fries.

I had been so good. I planned everything perfectly. I drank my Green Smoothie on the way to the airport. In the terminal I was not at all tempted by all the people eating greasy, on-the-go- breakfasts. When I missed my connection in Newark I ignored the pizzas and ate three bananas instead for lunch.

In Houston I had apples and an avocado for dinner. When I landed in Phoenix I ate almonds as I walked through the food court minefield. But by the time I arrived in Sedona, midnight my time, I had nothing left but hunger. My reward for trying so hard was a restless nights' sleep as the decaying cow flesh worked its way through my system.

Disastrous ending aside, it was not a wasted day of travel. Had I brought two more apples, or a little raw treat, I might have made it. I didn't count on that missed connection and arriving in Sedona so late. Anyhow, I spent a lot of time reading and meditating. Breathe in...healing; breathe out...forgiveness. I practiced awareness and being in the now. Tomorrow is a new day, I'm alive, and I'm learning how to change a lifetime of bad habits. That doesn't happen overnight. Tomorrow starts the Raw Food Festival and I'm going to learn a lot.

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