Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to Reasonably Raw

If you want to learn something, write a book about it. I desperately want to learn how to eat a raw vegan diet. So, I am writing an introductory book on how to succeed. The working title is: Introducing Raw Foods: A Reasonable, Rational, Realistic Guide to Raw Food.

I have seen my daughter and son-in-law literally transform before my eyes when they began eating a raw food diet. I made a half-hearted attempt last year. Now, I am going for it full on. I will share what I have learned with you in this blog. Keep in mind--I could live on hamburgers and french fries. I would like nothing better than to have Ben and Jerry's every night in front of the television. So, I am going kicking and screaming. Why? I will share that with you over the course of writing this book...and maybe beyond.

A quick background check: while I am not a medical doctor, I do have a Ph.D. in psychology. A Ph.D. is a research degree, which means I've received a decent amount of training in getting at the truth of things. Having degrees also in business and philosophy I'm hoping that I'll get at the real truth of raw foods and avoid being tricked into seeing what I want to see or what others would like me to see so they can sell me and you their products. My approach will be skeptical, the research I will base my writings on will be backed up with concrete evidence.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Your input can make this a much better book and blog. As I write this I am finishing up my second apple for lunch and fighting the urge to eat a big chocolate chip cookie. So far today I've had a big green smoothie (a fruit smoothie with a bunch of kale blended in) for breakfast and tomatoes and apples for lunch. Maybe an avocado will get me through till dinner.

It has been four months since I've gotten serious about raw foods. While I am not 100%, I have seen significant changes. I've lost 12 pounds (I have not been this weight in 20 years), my blood pressure is back to normal, I run much better, and I have few aches and pains anymore. Good reasons for me to continue the path. Hope you will be inspired too.

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flea said...

I think this is an amazing idea, and already am inspired by you. I think maybe it is because your not 100%, and your on the journey, and your saying that its not easy. I am going to read this blog and the book all the time, (in between the other hundreds of pages I have to read for grad school) Thanks so much for doing this.
Peace Felicia