Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When I was told that my cholesterol was above normal, I could almost see the glee in my doctor's eyes when he said that I should start taking medication. And if I were the type of person who did not question everything I am sure I'd be popping pills now.

One thing I have learned after having my own company for such a long time: all good advertisements do not look like advertisements. The most profitable ones are disguised as recommendations. More money is spent on secret advertising than is spent on what we all think of as advertising on television and print media. When my doctor wanted me to go on medication he was doing advertising work for the drug company.

When the food pyramid promoted by the government tells us that we should be eating three servings of dairy products and two servings of animals a day--I bet you think that is based on scientific research. Wrong. The meat and dairy industries are behind it. Guess who's getting brainwashed so that people can sell their products.

Sitting in the waiting rooms of nearly all 50,000 family doctors in the US is a magazine published by the American Academy of Family Physicians called Family Doctor: Your Essential Guide to Health and Well-being. Guess who sponsors pays for this free periodical? MacDonald's, the Atkins diet people, Too Tarts (selling spray candy), Bimbo (pastries), PepsiCo, Sinfully Delicious, and 3-A-Day (marketing the benefits of three servings a day of dairy). Do you think that this magazine is truly about health and well-being?

My point in bringing all of this up is to suggest that we call into question all of the beliefs that we have grown up with regarding food and what is and what is not healthy. In researching this book on Raw Food, I hope to get to the truth of what kind of foods are best for us to eat. I am starting from a perspective of skepticism concerning what I know. I want to find truth, not advertising.

In the next post we will discuss the human body and what it is designed for. Are we carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores?

Personal update: Good news and bad. I had a hamburger and french fries Friday night at the bowling alley watching the Red Sox. I thought I could deal with the temptation by having dinner before going out. It didn't work. I wasn't even hungry, but my friend Mike was eating one and I couldn't resist. I also had pizza at my Mom's house this weekend. That's the bad news, I just don't have the willpower sometimes. I am not discouraged though, I'm starting fresh again today. The good news is that I can see that eating fruit for breakfast and lunch, on an empty stomach, is a good thing. You have to eat fruit on an empty stomach, otherwise it gets stuck behind other slower to digest food and rots back there...causing gas, and then you do not get the benefits of the fruit. Anyhow, despite the slips recently, my body feels really loose and free of any aches and pains, even after running six miles almost every day. I am excited about learning more. Even though I am a long way from being raw I feel great and I know that little by little my diet is improving.

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