Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raw Spirit Festival - Sedona, Az. (Part Three)


I woke up this morning thinking that life's journey is not about what and where, but about why and how. How am I living my life, and why am I. The what and where is not as important. Think about that while you are drinking your green smoothie David Wolfe.

Cathy "Goji Berry" Silvers began the day with an inspirational talk on how her daughter was responsible for her becoming a raw food person. Sounds like me, right Gina? Cathy's father was Phil Silvers (Sargent Bilko for those of you old enough to remember), and Cathy played Jenny Piccolo on Happy Days. I met her at her booth, she has a new book out called Happy Days Healthy Living. It looks like a good introduction to raw foods. She brought David Wolfe on stage to read a poem. She is doing an Internet television show on healthy living with David.

Later in the morning I ran into Jenna Norwood, who's introduction to raw foods is chronicled in the documentary Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw. She also was the executive producer. It is an inspiring video to watch as she takes off the weight and becomes healthy eating raw foods.

She was looking pretty good to me. The only thing I didn't like about her film was the part about colonics and watching what was coming out. I think poop should go right into the toilet and not through some see-through tube to be discussed.

After lunch Dr. Jameth Sheridan talked about the benefits of fasting. While we fast, the body is releasing toxins that have been stored. This is a good thing. However, too much detoxification clogs up the blood. High water fruits and veggies help. A juice fast is good. Then his talk turned into an infomercial and he told us about all the products he invented that will make our colons healthier. As for me, I'm of the opinion that if you eat plenty of fruits and veggies the indoor plumbing will take care of itself.

By now I was getting tired of all the big name speakers promoting their products so I went into the Food Demo Room to see what I really came for: to learn how to prepare some raw dishes. I couldn't escape the colon fixation as Chef Suki Zoe of the UK demonstrated how to make "bum friendly" food. She made a really good raw pesto sauce and something she called "squidge."

By 7 p.m. dinner had not been served so I left for my motel. The Red Sox are in the postseason playoffs so I figured I'd watch them. I went to Picasso's, which advertised gourmet salads, but there was a long wait to get in, so I settled on the Bar and Grill next to where I was staying. The Sox game was on the big screen TV, I settled in with some Coronas, and I admit that by the time the Red Sox had lost, I had consumed another burger and fries. I'm eating more meat at this raw food festival than I do at home. F**k.

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C "The Editor" said...

Hi Frank,

It looks like there are a few sentences missing at the beginning of P 6 on my screen. Other than that, thanks for the good laugh! I had a Russian friend at MIT, "Masha", who was always trying to talk me into going to NY with her to get one of those colonics. "Only $80!" I told her, as nicely as I could, that if a person couldn't tell if something was wrong in the potty by looking there her/himself, then they had a bigger problem than the contents of their intestines. As an example I pointed out that, at the tender age of 12 when I had pain in my right side and saw something white in the toilet, I immediately called my Dad to tell him I was dying. He came and took me in for an emergency appendectomy (already ruptured). No interpretation needed, and I didn't even have to tell anybody what color anything was. Besides you can probably read your tea leaves and get just as much useful information without grossing everybody else out. But Masha still went every month, spending more on her hiney than on her hairdresser, as I pointed out to her. To each her own!