Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gina's No Jet Lag Exilir

I spent the last 11 weeks living in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Hence very little raw to write about that I haven't already. Basically, exotic fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks throughout the day. A salad and granola for lunch. And a non-raw restaurant meal for dinner. Over all I felt great and lost 9 pounds! I return in 4 weeks to continue teaching English to college students.

Here's the best thing to report: I made a small fruit smoothie for breakfast and my daughter Gina made me a chocolate exilir smoothie for lunch and I had absolutely no jet lag today despite traveling yesterday for more than 24 hours! I know that the key ingredient was Vita Mineral Green.

I am more determined than ever to be reasonably raw. I realize now that the most important concept in nutrition and great health is getting enough nutrients and not over eating. Nutrients keep us from being hungry. And eating certain foods make us hungry. It's kind of like when we eat we open the flood gates. So, don't open those gates! Get nutrients and then leave the table. If necessary give yourself a treat later on. For me, in Vietnam, I knew that when I had the urge to have food pleasure I could go to the store and get a handful of Oreos. That did the trick for me. Whatever you do, just be reasonable!