Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Such A Struggle, Or Am I Just Not Trying

The purpose of this blog is to share, truthfully, the difficulties of changing my diet and becoming more of a raw foods person. So here is where I tell about how I seem to be going backwards.

I don't feel as if I'm eating worse, but the fact that I've gained back 4 of the 13 pounds I had lost says something. And Saturday night I went out to dinner with Cathy and ate half of one of those "blooming opinions." Then had a chicken sandwich and fries.

I am definitely struggling. I can do breakfast and lunch raw with no problem. It's dinner and after. (And going out to eat.) If I am going to do this I have to come up with alternative meals. Eating cooked foods and other things after super is taking away from all the good I am doing before dinner. The challenge is simple: I have to put the effort into learning how to make actual meals and making them for dinner. Until then I will not get to the next level of raw foods and healthy living. I will get to this, it's just a matte of time. There is no turning back.

Tomorrow I begin my winter traveling, I start with five weeks in Nicaragua. There is no way I can make raw meals there. This is going to prove a real challenge. I'll try to live mostly on fruits, veggies, salads, nuts, and seeds. It'll be dinner that will be the real challenge. I'll keep you posted.


Michael Ryan said...

Good luck and safe travel. I think one of two things is going on with your eating after dinner. Either you are hungry or you are eating for emotional reasons.


Gerre said...

Bon Voyage,call us when you re-enter the US of A. My advice is to stop thinking so much about food and how it is going to be consumed,eat raw when you can and let it go when you can't.Enjoy your life!!!!!

C "The Editor" said...

Sometimes, especially in out-of-the-way places at out-of-the-way eating establishments, I'd be MUCH more concerned about eating things that ARE RAW than eating what is cooked! My great-grandparents owned the second travel agency in RI, and had hard and fast rules about eating abroad --- especially in South America. E coli, salmonella, trichonosis --- these are much more to worry about than gaining a pound or two. You wouldn't believe the cooties that you CAN'T see, especially in the water. PS No elderberries.

C "The Editor" said...

BTW said you were eating a blooming "opinion"... whose opinion was it? Did you agree with it? Did it agree with you? My opinion is that I'd rather eat a COOKED blooming onion anyday over a raw one. The thought of such a sad, raw opinion just makes me cry.