Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finding What Works

It has been a while since I posted a blog. That's because I haven't had anything new or worth writing about. I'm not sure that I do now but you be the judge of that.

What is happening in my life these days is that I'm trying to figure out what works best for me. Ideally I would like to be 90% raw and 100% vegan...and no junk food. These days I'm about 70% raw and 85% vegan...and more junk food than I would like. So I've been experimenting on how best to improve. I've also been having headaches which I believe has been caused by the raw cacao in my chocolate banana smoothies.

I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure the cacao has been giving me headaches. I've switched to carob and they have gone away. And the smoothies still taste really good as long as I put nutmeg in for more flavor.

My diet would be much better if I could control what I ate from 5 o'clock on. I have no trouble being raw and vegan all day long. I love my smoothies and salads and fruits, but come dinner time I have not found something that I can eat to fill me up and make the evening cravings go away. I try different things but nothing works. And that is where I am today. So, please, if any one has suggestions, I'm listening. I'll share something if I learn anything myself. But at this point I haven't got any answers.


Renee K said...

At night, do you have a sweet tooth or is it salty? If its sweet, my homeopath suggested that I eat a spoonful of raw honey. I would tell myself that I could have ANYTHING I wanted during one of those cravings as long as I ate a full spoonful of raw honey first. It only took a couple nights before the cravings disappeared and I never wanted the sweet snack after the honey. ...Come to think of it, I should do that now. I have been on a nightly ice cream kick....

313HealthyMe (a.k.a.) ChawampaTuU2009 said...

HI there raw friend, I have watched some of your videos on YT and have enjoyed some of your recipes. Now I would like to offer some of my recently found knowledge in the quest to be more raw. Like you, I have been re-evaluating my position on raw food and made a decision to listen more closely to my body (not necessarily my cravings). I have incorporated LOADS of exercise into my life and find that I need more calories. I tried to eat more salads and nuts/seeds but found that I wasn't getting enough variety. So I watched a video from a raw gal on YT and she mentioned that she makes an effort to have 75% of any given meal RAW. Then the other 25% she has vegetarian foods. I have been trying this and have been very successful. I will continue to make changes as they become needed along my quest to be MORE RAW. In the meantime, my suggestion for you is to fix what you crave, look at it and be sure it contains at least 75% RAW foods. Then eat as you wish. As for the snacks, don't be too hard on yourself. Eat them within reason and workout. With this method, you are paying yourself in sweat for the junk food you have eaten. What are your thoughts on this?

Tera said...

well there are lots of vegan sites with easy vegan recipes. some are raw, and some are not. really, experimenting with those recipes really helps you find the balance. stay vegan, though!!!! being raw is not 'for' all people, but being vegan is the only humane option, I believe. too much carob will make you sick after a while. if you need something sweeter in smoothies and whatnot, add stevia, or a raw protein powder. try dehydrating foods to get a similar 'cooked' feeling to veggies, if that's what you're craving. I'm not much into raw veggies, but that always helps me!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like your blog:)
Why is it that cacao can give head aches? I am eating som cacaobeans every day, should I quit?
I have read David Wolfes book..

( I am norwegian.. explains my english.. )
Have a nice dag!

A Little Bunny said...


I have been slowly transitioning over to raw and have had simmilar issues. Personally, I crave cheese. Nuts seem to help as they fill me up quickly. Maybe some nice spiced nuts or cashew cheese spread? I am about to start some experiments with aging nut cheeses in hopes that I can make a really good dairy cheese alternative for me. I used to be a cheese maker : )

I also have chronic daily headache syndrome. So I can give you some headache tips! It could actually be the banannas if they are passed their prime. Fruit and veggies that have been hanging around a while contain tyramine which is a big headache trigger. I know for me that cacao doesn't cause my headaches but I crave it before I get one. An interesting correlation I think.

Good luck on your journey.


sraz said...

i love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It is the first blog that I really like that has no photos of recepies and different things. Usually I don't have the patientce to read so much on blogs, but I love this one.
I don't think beeing 100% raw is the best way to go, very few can resist doing that without giving in to cravings or missing cooked foods.
The most important, for me at least, is getting to be 100% with no proccesed foods and vegan. You shold try to be vegan.
70-80% raw and 20-30% cooked (boiled or steamed) should be good for a healthy died. My cooked food cointains hummus (I boil the cheakpeas), lentils, sometimes mashed potatoes,brown rice,whole pasta sometimes and beans.
I have a big fight with pastry, it is one of the things I crave and give in sometimes. I used to be a big dairy eater, never thought I could give it up...but I did and my body doesn't like it anymore.
Good luck to you!