Thursday, August 26, 2010

Succeeding With Your Help

Those of you who have commented recently are awesome!! Your ideas and suggestions have really made a difference. I think you all have helped me get another step higher up the health ladder. Wonderful! This is what you said that made a difference:

Teresa suggested that I try drinking a large smoothie late in the afternoon to cut down on my evening cravings. I actually started doing that a couple of days before she posted that comment and had been having success. I've now been eating a simple, relatively light lunch, and at the same time making a banana chocolate smoothie and keeping it in a small cooler. Knowing that if I got hungry I could go for it. Usually sometime between 3 and 4  I drink it. This totally takes the edge off my cravings and I eat less for dinner and less after afterwards. So now I have a fruity berry type smoothie for breakfast, dehydrated flaxseed crackers and dip for lunch or a salad, a banana smoothie for late afternoon, and a light dinner and or snacks in the evening. Totally satisfying and no cravings so I can control my evening food consumption. Teresa I am completely on the same page and path as you. Thanks a bunch!

I want to thank A Little Bunny who shared about her headaches. She suggested that mine could be from the bananas. If they go past their prime they can trigger headaches. I've been watching for that and cutting out any parts that have turned brown more headaches! I was blaming it on the cacao, I am so glad that was not it. Imagine a world with no chocolate!

A number of you also wrote about being 75% raw and the rest just trying to be vegan. I totally agree with you.  Whole wheat pasta or steamed potatoes was suggested for dinner. I love both. Also hummus, which I like to have with flaxseed crackers, but that is more like lunch for me.

Well, thank you all for your ideas and support. I feel like I have made a significant advance. Actually, this may be enough. Let's see, what else do we need to do. Not much more. Blessings to you all!


Jessica said...

I am so glad that the banana suggestion worked! Watch out for older avocados too. The almond butter marinade was awesome by the way! I have been making a lot of wraps with my dehydrator lately. I'd like to bulk up my quick recipe repertoire. Is Raw Foods for Busy People practical?

Frank Ferendo said...

Raw Foods for Busy People is very practical. I recommend it.

Isabel said...

Hi Frank, I am happy to follow your thoughts here. A medical crisis is bringing me much closer to a radical change, so experience from others are highly valued. Like you, I am academically trained, so suffer lack of proof badly, especially combined w. a profit motive. So thank you for asking who is talking. I feel like sharing some thoughts:I am danish, but lived in Japan for a long time and really value the classical approach there. The old ying and yang sign is inspirational to me. A little dark dot in the light shape and vice versa. To me this signifies some aha-truth. Never be a 100% anything. Ultimate taste adds a little of the opposite taste to reinforce the maintaste. In art a small portion of a complementary colour hightens any artwork. (I'm an arthistorian) A person who is 100% happy is a terrible companion, as is the perpetual moaner. As far as this intense relationship most foodies have with their food,myself included, I am inspired by the ideas above, but also, that the attitude (wop) "work in progress" is the healthiest for me. I stray into everything to try it out, and bow out if it doesn't leave me satiated on all the important levels. So concepts like "sinning" and "bad" is out of my equation. I LOVE cooking and foods, so my challenge really is how to combine healthy, lovely and delicious. Although all asian kitchens advocate food as medicine, they never forget the satiation of the senses, heart and mind. So something has to give, to attain this. Usually the 100% idea. What is gained is an expression of love, for want of a better word. Love of raw materials, processing, the cook and the diner, the sharing of a meal. Lively food in a live context. Hm. This is my first comment to anything on the net. Inspired by you. Happy I found your blog.
Kindly Isabel