Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long-term Travel Lessons From Vietnam

Here are a couple of lessons I learned while traveling in Vietnam for nearly six weeks.

1. My small Tribest Travel blender works well for making fruit smoothies, but not for banana cacao superfood smoothies, so don't bother bringing superfoods. Do bring the cacao powder.

2. Do bring equipment and ingredients to make salad dressings, this is very important because olive oil, nutritional yeast, tahini (or sesame seeds), can be hard to find. Bring a salad dressing container.

3. Bring vegetable peeler, garlic press, juice squeezer, and small cheap knife, these all worked well.

For me I think it is impossible to be 100 percent raw away from home, unless I drastically change my eating habits, like going on a fast or juice feast. However, it is easy to be raw for breakfast with a fruit smoothie, and lunch with a good salad, then snack on fruit. Then for dinner a cooked meal, hopefully vegan. I think this is a reasonable and healthy approach that I can live with.

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