Friday, August 1, 2008

New Ideas

Yikes! My daughter Gina called me up yesterday morning with a new recipe. I've got an over abundance of zucchini in my garden right now and I've been giving it away to her.

"Cut up the zucchini into cubes, put it in the blender, add some oil and nama shoyu, garlic. Blend and put into the dehydrator."

Sounds good. I did a batch with the oil. Did another with cherry tomatoes replacing the oil. Added some hot pepper sesame oil for taste. Both came out tasting great.

This gave me the idea to try my super food smoothie as a leather in the dehydrator. Why not? Dehydrate the smoothie and take it with you wherever you go. Great for traveling. I'll put up a video of that soon.

Too much cacao powder:
I started getting mild headaches a couple of weeks ago. When I thought about what I was doing differently I realized that it might be that I was eating to much raw cacao powder. Stopped it for a day and they went away. The lesson in all of this is to use only one tablespoon of cacao powder in the chocolate smoothie. Three are way too many.

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