Sunday, April 13, 2008

Raw In Asia

Greetings from Viet Nam. I came prepared this time. Loaded my knapsack with lots of raw food goodies for my 30 hours in airplanes and airports for my trip to Nha Trang. I brought fresh bananas and apples. But the best thing I did was bring lots of dehydrated stuff made at home before I left. Best of all was the banana-mango-cinnamon fruit roll-up. It was yummy. The goji berry-cacao-sesame seed wasn't bad either.

I made it through 8 hours of layovers in Chicago and Hong Kong without buying any airport food. I passed on nearly all the airplane food. Now I'm here in Nha Trang and I'm feasting on fresh squeezed orange juice and the best mangoes I've ever tasted. (Tried durian, didn't like it.)

I'm not saying that I'm all raw, but I'm not eating any junk. No fries, no soda, no animals. It is a lot easier to eat better here because the Vietnamese food tastes great without adding meat. There are a lot of choices without having to resort to burgers and fries. And there aren't burger joints everywhere.

I brought my travel blender and small food processor. Now if only I can find the ingredients for all the recipes I brought along with me. I may have a problem finding nuts. Went to the big outdoor market today and they had every kind of rice you could ask for, but no nuts. I think I bought sesame seeds, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, I'm feeling quite healthy considering all the obstacles. I think the key has been being prepared.

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