Friday, January 23, 2009

Raw Food and High Blood Pressure

It is amazing how quickly food can make it's effects know on our bodies. Here I share how eating pizza and chips can raise blood pressure.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm so glad that I found your blog! I'm almost finished reading Victoria Boutenko's 12-steps book. I've also read an Angela Stokes book and have ordered Alissa Cohen's "Living on Live Food." (Can't get enough info on this topic!) :)

I am new to the raw food world (not even two weeks into it!), and I feel more alive than I ever have. Lost 10 pounds in 10 days. What?! :)

I "stumbled upon" your blog today, and I am looking forward to reading your book. It seems that, perhaps, it may be a better fit for me, just from what I've read about it. I don't do well with the all-or-nothing approach. Reasonable is good for me! :)

I hope to have a Raw blog in a couple months or so.

Thanks for your blog!! I'll be back! :)

Kari, Iowa