Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Raw Pasta and Marinara Sauce Recipe

On Sunday I brought a raw pasta and raw marinara sauce dish to a pot luck dinner. I usually bring a pesto pasta salad, cooked. I usually bring home half of it. This time the whole bowl was gone within an hour.

When I was leaving, several people saw me with the bowl and asked if I had made the spaghetti. I said yes. They wanted the recipe. They loved it! So, here is a video of how I made it that day.


Ralph L. said...

Thanks Frank, I enjoyed the raw spaghetti recipe.


Jane said...

I left a comment on Youtube as well. This marinara is killer! Great recipe! It was a hit at today's potluck with SAD eaters!

Tony M. said...

Frank, what model food processor do you use? do you like it. What's the capacity? I'm in the market for one. Mine broke down.

Frank Ferendo said...

Tony, I'm not sure what mine is but I wouldn't recommend it.