Friday, March 28, 2008

Eckhart Tolle, Is He Really Sixty?

Whatever he is eating, that's what I want. Eckhart Tolle is doing an on line web class with Oprah on his new book, A New Earth. I have learned a great deal from him and what I have learned has made a big difference in my life, spiritually.

Now, I just found out that the guy is sixty years old. He looks like a kid, maybe forty at most. No wrinkles whatsoever, bright eyes, vibrant. I don't know if he eats raw food or not, but whatever he is doing, that's what I want.

I have seen a lot of raw food, health nut types, and I've never been impressed. (Except for Jack LaLanne.) They look okay, but I'd never say, "wow, I want to be like that when I get old." But Eckhart Tolle should be the poster boy for good health. That is how I want to look at sixty, which isn't that far away.

All of this goes to prove that spirituality is more important that diet. Do you want to lose weight and get healthy? Start meditating. And read Tolle's books!

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Anonymous said...

I am so greatful to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah for turning me onto Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and her beautiful book ""My Stroke of Insight"". Her story is amazing and her gift to all of us is a book purchase away I'm happy to say.

Dr Taylor was a Harvard brain scientist when she had a stroke at age 37. What was amazing was that her left brain was shut down by the stroke - where language and thinking occur - but her right brain was fully functioning. She experienced bliss and nirvana and the way she writes about it (or talks about it in her now famous TED talk) is incredible.

What I took away from Dr. Taylor's book above all, and why I recommend it so highly, is that you don't have to have a stroke or take drugs to find the deep inner peace that she talks about. Her book explains how. ""I want what she's having"", and thanks to this wonderful book, I can! Thank you Dr. Taylor, and thank you Eckhart and Oprah.