Thursday, February 28, 2008

Raw In Nicaragua

In the past I have had real hard time eating raw, or mostly raw, or mostly vegan. Leaving for this trip I was determined to do better...and I have.

I brought with me a small travel blender, a coffee grinder, goji berries, cacao, nuts, seeds, and whole wheat spaghetti. This has made all the difference. I've had no problem eating fruits for breakfast and now that I have a refrigerator (I rented an apartment with a kitchen) I am keeping lots of lettuce and making large salads every day.

One big lesson I learned today: bananas are plentiful and healthy, but not a lot of fun to eat every day. Today I used them to make my green smoothie. Tasted great with a little pineapple and romaine. That leaves me a lot of other fruit to eat later on when I get hungry again. Then I'll have goji berries and cacao for lunch and some brocholi.

I confess that I have been eating meat at one meal a day. I just haven't figured out how to replace dinner. I dont' have other options like I do at home. If anyone has suggestions please send them. I know, I could just not eat any more and be satisfied with fruit and veggies. I will try. Maybe fasting would help. Or popcorn.

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